Thanks for your question and welcome to the community! Considering that there are well over a dozen different manufacturers and makes of meters and breaker panels in the industry, I can’t provide you with specfic information unless you show or tell us what components you are dealing with. In fact, I would suggest contacting your power company to ensure you are okay’ed to do this. Most electricians will tell you that a permit needs to be pulled in order for you to do this. Failure to do this means you are working illegally with the power company’s property, and you’d be working with live wires. This is typically a job someone doesn’t do, short of an electrican who can do this in conjunction with speaking to the power company.

Connecting Amp Meters to Shunt Bars

Opening angle Points opening as the lobe of the cam starts to lift the contact-breaker heel. The dwell angle varies according to the make of car; check it in a service manual. There are two scales on the meter, one for four-cylinder engines and one for six-cylinder engines.

Nov 27,  · Im up for decent cheap recommendations? So based on 0db being volts, I should pigtail off of the outputs of the preamp and attach the meter to those pigtails and this is all i need to run a simple analog Vu meter? Excellent, hoping for that.

I agree that the meter would be wired the same as for a single phase load, but it is not measuring a single phase load. Since it’s not intended to measure a single phase load, I expected that it would have a characteristic phase shift between L-L voltage and line current. Another way to illustrate: A meter measuring based upon equation 1 would not be looking for a characteristic phase shift between the voltage and current inputs. A meter measuring based upon equation 2 would be looking for a characteristic phase shift between the voltage and current inputs since there is a phase difference between the Vl-l and V l-n.

Am I wrong here? Thanks again to all for responding RE: First, power in a 3P3W or balanced 3P4W system can be calculated by either of the two equations below. This mimics the operation of the electromechanical meters they have come to replace. A 3 element kW meter works by employing equation 2 above. Each phase’s L-N voltage is multiplied by that phase’s current and maximum power occurs when the two are in phase. The calculated powers are then summed to obtain total power.

Get Prepared

How to Hook Up a Tach Dwell Meter by Robert Bayly A tach-dwell meter is a combination electronic device that measures engine rpm as a tachometer and ignition point dwell angle. The tachometer function is self-explanatory; it measures engine speed in revolutions per minute. The dwell function measures the degrees of distributor rotation that ignition points are closed and is directly related to ignition point gap.

In fact, the ignition point gap can be set by adjusting the dwell angle.

Main electrical panel contains primary circuit breakers and individual breakers. Main panels come in scores of sizes and configurations. A panel might be mounted on the outside of the house, either separate from or combined with the meter, or on an inside wall, behind the meter.

June 05, , Nowhere in the Extra Class study manual did it tell which amps work with which rigs, and how to connect them without letting the smoke out of something. Because that can happen. By looking at the schematics and with help from others, I did pick up a few things. Inside my FL amp there is a relay that has to get energized in order to route the RF input signal through the amp and connect the resulting signal to the antenna, and also to tell the amp to wake up and amp.

When this relay is not energized, the RF goes straight through to the antenna with no amplification and the amp is in standby. Setting the panel switch in standby does the same thing – the relay coil circuit is opened. So, again, when that relay is open, the amp is out of the circuit. On older amps like mine, the relay coil connections are brought out to the hookup point, in this case a terminal strip, and the full relay coil current will be switched by whatever is connected there.

Older rigs have an internal relay that can handle the switching load. Newer rigs have a transistor that can NOT and will get cooked. I’m assuming that newer amps have switching circuitry that only requires low current, and interface OK with new radios.

Easy Generator to Home Hook Up

Are you sure that you want to delete this answer? Yes Sorry, something has gone wrong. To work properly, an amp-meter must be in series with the entire positive cable feeding the boat’s electrical systems EXCEPT the large cable going directly to the starter.

Aug 07,  · Re: How to connect an hourmeter to the alternator Depending on the voltage required to drive the hourmeter it could be driven off the tachometer output for the alternator and depending on if the hour meter needs AC or DC would indicate is a bridge rectiier is needed.

Orders requiring technical work are shipped in about 3 to 10 days. Heads up- The Price of many China made items went up in price due to tariffs. It’s tuning can make you or break you. When checking the SWR or the “Standing Wave Ratio”, you will be hooking up a simple form of a directional watt meter between your antenna and the CB radio. The meter measures Forward power to the antenna system and then compares it to the reverse or reflected power from the antenna system. By checking the SWR at channels 1 and 40 on your CB, you will have a good idea if the antenna is too “long” or too “short” for the center of the desired band.

You will also be able to evaluate your system performance and troubleshoot problems. For instance a SWR too high over 3: An SWR too low over the whole band 1: Most people would prefer to be 1.

Wiring DC Volt and Amp meters?

But if you insist on using an amp meter, here’s the information. The most important feature of the amp meter is that it is a low resistance high current device. It must be installed in series with an electrical load to limit current flow. If you were to wire the amp meter directly across the battery as you would with a volt meter the amp meter would immediately pass so much current as to fry the meter, almost instantly.

ing it to measure up to thousands of amps. By themselves, most meters are limited to a 20 amp measurement for a short period. The clamp acces-sory reduces the actual measured current by a fixed ratio. That means the current maximum is now limited by the clamp instead of the multimeter.

The product, called the Contour USB, is an interesting new computer-savvy blood-glucose test meter for diabetics, made by the big pharmaceutical company, Bayer. So do millions of others. It plugs right into a PC or Mac without the need for any cables, and contains—built right in—software you can run on your computer for analyzing your test results. After testing the Contour USB for five days, I found it worked pretty well and consider it a promising step in diabetes care.

More information is at bayercontourusb. But I am neither a doctor nor a diabetes expert, and I am not advising anyone to switch his or her meter without first consulting a medical professional. The Contour USB is a compact, rectangular device with a USB connector on one end and a slot for glucose test strips, which collect the blood from the droplet, on the other.

Using an EKM smart kWh meter to monitor 220V circuits (North America)

Where can I see my payment history? Where does my water come from? The Croton System storage is

May 17,  · I think I’m starting to understand how to hook the meter up. My key is never on unless the engine is running so the volt meter idea by Reel Kahuna sounds like an easy thing to do. If it doesn’t appear to work I’ll try to find a proper contact on the ignition switch.

On most leds with leads, the longer lead is positive. Leds are current sensitive devices, meaning that if the current flow through the led isnt limited, the led will burn out. Usually this is prevented by using a resistor to limit the current thru the led. Leds are also sensitive to polarity, meaning the correct wire must be on the positive and the correct wire on the negaive lead of the led or it wont work. We suggest you add the correct current limiting resistor first if you dont know which is the positive and negative wires on your power supply Because leds are semiconductors, you must apply a certain voltage called forward voltage drop before the led will be fully turned on, but when you reach that forward voltage drop, you must then make sure that the current is limited to the manufacturers maximum rating or under.

When you buy leds from us, we tell you the forward voltage drop and maximum current. You can then use our current limiting resistor calculator to calculate the correct resistor based on your power supply voltage.

Auto Meter Tachometer – Tach It On

Marin County has criminalized the installation of Smart Meters. Oh, how I wish my hubby could get a job there! Yes, modern conveniences can help with some things, but are we trading our freedom for convenience? We really need to count the cost. Fire Risk There have been hundreds of fires caused by Smart Meters. Now, how smart is that?

You can hook the Auto Meter tach’s green tach wire directly to the ignition coil on the negative side, but if you’ve got an aftermarket ignition box with a multi-spark discharge like we do, it.

I also needed to know what a safe level was in order to see the actual draw or lack of. Some guys use a dead man switch attached to the battery post instead of jumper wires. Sometimes these draw tests can take hours to complete, depending on what module you’re looking at and it’s length of time to power down Sleep Mode. I find it not only awkward, but a little confusing to have all these devices on an adjacent work table or balancing precariously on the edge of the fender.

The other thing you need to do the draw test properly is the correct values for each systems parasitic draw. I find it a lot easier to watch the meter values dropping off to their sleep mode when I have a pretty good idea as to which module it is. All of which is time consuming, involves lots of connections that have to be working correctly, as well as a lot of patience on my part.

How to Upgrade an Electric Meter to 200-Amp Service – This Old House

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