The sitting was beneficial to both parties, the relatively new Burton branch studio achieving a kind of celebrity endorsement, and Mr Foster a handy set of cartes de visite to hand out to friends, business acquaintances and prospective purchasers of his products. Whether money actually changed hands or not — Foster was a canny businessman, even in his advanced years — is probably a moot point. The fact that two copies of the portrait have already surfaced probably means that many more were produced. As alluded to earlier, Foster himself had spent a good portion of his life producing likenesses of people, in the pre-photographic era, and it was probably the advent of popular photographic portraiture that forced him to seek an alternative means of making a living, much as happened to William Seville some years later. Miniature portrait, reputedly of Edward Foster as a young man Source unknown [2] It is not clear exactly when Edward Foster, in the words of Mr. Later descriptions of the machine render it likely to have been a pantograph , or at the least an adaptation of one, which had been invented at least some two centuries earlier [7], but was perhaps not in common everyday use. His marketing skills were also improving, with specimens of his work left displayed prominently at several shops dotted around town in order to drum up more commissions. A similar advertisement in The Derby Mercury on 20 December stated that he had taken apartments for a short time, at Mr.

Antique Verascope Richard Stereoscope & 6 Boxes WWI Stereoview Glass Slides yqz For Sale

Existed in the early s. Also famous for their commercially sold stereoview photographs. Pacific and Atlantic Photos:

Here is a 3-D “xograph” post card dating from the ‘s’s. It is called “Hands of Prayer: A universal symbol Shroud of Turin Exhibition Post Card

Carte de visite is the singular. Cartes de visite is the plural. Also popularly referred to as CDV and carte. Popular s s Cartes de visite, often nicknamed cartes and CDVs, is French for visiting card, as this was a popular early use of these small picture cards. A woman might hand out or mail a carte with her picture on it to friends and relatives.

In the United States cartes became popular at the beginning of the Civil War. They were used for many purposes, including as identification cards for soldiers, trade cards for businesses and as family photos.

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Davis, who also designed the Hotel Weirs. This stereoview is taller than the normal stereoview. The sales pitch was that they gave the customer a larger image to look at, but in practice the top part of the taller image could only be seen with great difficulty in the standard stereoviewer. This shortcoming soon became apparent to users and the format was abandoned in the late s with a return to the conventional-sized stereoview. In any event, [Benjamin] Kilburn followed the trend for a relatively short period, roughly to , issuing a substantial group in this format.

The original, unexpanded Hotel Weirs is seen in the background.

And those that love them The items range from vintage postcards to cdvs to vintage valentines and greetings cards and Stereoview Cards year, Mar 23 Please note that this serves as a general guide and may not apply to all Singaporeans.

For additional items please see our many other pages as well. Published as part of the Images of America series by Arcadia Publishing. This is the third volume in a series of photographic histories of lighthouses and lifesaving along the coasts of the United States. Included too is a section covering the US Revenue Cutter Service and the subsequent formation of the Coast Guard, all illustrated with wonderful vintage views.

Arcadia is a well known publisher of local and regional histories, including the popular Images of America series. This compact volume features over early photographs dating from the ‘s through the ‘s, drawn from my and other private collections, most never before published and traces the history of these services through photos and text. Practical Treatise on the Steam Engine Indicator.

This volume is inscribed as belonging to Keeper Willis A.

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One half of a stereoscopic card, circa Charlotte Canda 3 Feb. Adele was the daughter of Gabriel L. Theriott and sister of Augustus B. New York Times, February 11,

Here is a 3-D “xograph” post card dating from the ‘s’s. It is called “Hands of Prayer: A universal symbol of Peace, Hope and Goodwill”. This image is a 3D sculptural version of the famous “Study of the Hands of an Apostle”, which is a pen and ink drawing by artist Albrecht Dürer.

As the glaciers slowly moved southward, they picked up large chunks of rock from the mountains and moved them many miles to the south. When the glaciers eventually melted and retreated, these large boulders were left behind. The smaller stones were used as is, while the larger stone were split apart using several simple but rather crude quarrying techniques. Drill two holes in a stone, ranging with the grain, when that can be discovered with the eye.

Then filling each hole with two semi-cylindrical pieces of iron, drive a long steel wedge between them. The stone will thus split open. And commonly, very regular shaped pieces for building may be obtained. There is currently no real evidence to suggest boulder quarrying occurred after or so.

Early Photography of Mount Vernon

Called poppets or puppets originally, they were created as educational tools and for use in religious ceremonies. As icons, creche figures, totems, effigies, votive artifacts , offerings, masks, and other stand-ins for human figures, they were ritualistically used. Those poppets lucky enough to have survived the ceremonies were often given to children as playthings. Certainly children delighted to have them — for just as use of poppets in religious ceremonies began to wane, dolls started to become the playthings we know today.

These early poppets were like their earlier votive artifact incarnations in two ways. The form they took.

Free Shipping on many items across the worlds largest range of Black & White Stereoview Collectible Vintage & Antique Photos (Pre). Find the perfect Christmas gift ideas with eBay.

By the s, most cartes had gelatin silver prints. Disdere had devised a rotating camera which could produce eight individual pictures on one negative. After printing on albumen paper, the images were cut apart and glued to print-sized mounts. Carte de Visite is French for ‘visiting print,’ as this was a popular use of these small picture prints. A man might pass out his cartes to the friends, relatives and business associates he visited.

In the United States , cartes became popular at the beginning of the Civil War. They were used for many purposes, including as identification prints for soldiers and as family pictures. Cartes of popular subjects, such as romantic locations or famous persons, were made commercially and could be bought at local stores.

Antique and Vintage Stereoview Photographs

Bridgeport, Connecticut — Brennan Stone Co. The following information is from an advertisement in Stone: An Illustrated Magazine, Vol. Barnum Hartford Plant, Edwards St. There are immense quarries of red sandstone at Portland and Cromwell, and marble and limestone is quarried at Canaan and Washington.

The featured images originally appeared on stereoview cards—an early form of 3-D technology in which two photographs were printed side by side on a single card. When examined through a viewer called a stereoscope, the two flat pictures blend into a single image, giving the illusion of depth.

This created an important collection of nineteenth-century views of Washington’s home at Mount Vernon. Mount Vernon and the Civil War Sarah Tracy, Shortly after the outbreak of war in , federal troops crossed the Potomac River and captured the town of Alexandria. Union forces occupied the territory just north of Mount Vernon during the entire war. As a result, entrance fees to see Washington’s home practically ceased to be charged because no visitors wanted to challenge the Federal blockades.

Learn more about Mount Vernon during the Civil War Sarah Tracy, the first secretary of the Association, cleverly found ways to overcome this difficult situation. She began by making small bracelets of coffee beans to sell to visitors. At the end of the war in , Miss Tracy industriously set about making small bouquets of flowers and sold them to weary soldiers. This suggestion helped to create an important collection of nineteenth-century views of Washington’s home at Mount Vernon.


Emily Moser 4 Comments Artifacts from Ossining: Unfortunately, it is one of the most well known for a particular landmark located here: The Hudson River Railroad tracks bisected the prison, and the tracks still pass through there today.

Apr 25,  · Stereoview cards are the ancestor of Viewmaster cards. As for the borderline AS, since I did not start talking until I was 3 years old I was diagnosed with HFA (also because of stims at an early age and other things) my psychologist thought I was a classic case of AS in adulthood though I think I was hard to diagnose.

Light-House Service District Charts A rare opportunity to obtain an official U. Light-House Service District charts of all district aids to navigation as bound in their Annual Reports. Normally these charts are included within the Annual Reports and we are unable to offer them separately but we have found a lot of disbound charts in wonderful condition.

These are perfect for matting and framing for your wall. Charts detail the entire Light-House District in three colors, and show all lighthouses, beacons, light vessels, fog signals, lighted buoys, Light-House Depots, and more. Charts average about 16″ x 20″ in size and are clean and crisp, with only light original folds. A rare chance to obtain the chart of your District, ideal for framing.

Includes all of continental United States and Alaska.

What Are Stereopticon Slides?

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