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What is ME?

How to Beat Arthritis Fatigue Fatigue is a mysterious and persistent foe when you have arthritis. Learn how to fight back. Advertisement Advertisement Once you recognize possible causes of your fatigue, write them down and discuss with your doctor.

A timely diagnosis is often tough to come by: no simple labs or diagnostic tests exist to confirm chronic fatigue syndrome, docs haven’t been able to pinpoint a cause, and a number of CFS.

Aromatherapy — the Essentials by Vicki Alford The Essential Essential Oils — Although there are essential oils extracted commercially, there are probably only used in aromatherapy. Unless you were going to practice professionally, something like10 essential oils would cover most minor health problems. I have included their Botannical name to ensure the correct species is chosen. It regulates the appetite — good for dyspepsia or painful digestion, being anti-spasmodic.

Also good for loss of appetite. Used on dressing aids for burns which I have never tried because lavender oil is so perfect for burns where it aids the formation of new tissue. I might pour a couple of drops on a handkerchief if I have a cold. An unusual oil in that it is active against all three categories of infectious organisms: Cardiac fatigue, nervous depression, stimulates local circulation, Chronic Fatigue syndrome, general fatigue. Used either side of spine a week before an operation protects against anaesthetic toxicity so they say.

Once again, care is needed in contact with the skin.


During those wakeful periods I wanted to write this blog with great haste in protest for whomever would read this rant from me. I have to admonish my readers that the report is not to be viewed with great enthusiasm. I write this knowing that the majority of my readers want these conditions to be regarded as such and for which a medication can be taken and our conditions would be cured. It is far more complex than that.

Hunts for viral, bacterial and hormonal causes have been on-going for many decades.

T oday, there are thought to be roughly , sufferers of ME – also known as chronic fatigue syndrome, though sufferers often find the word ‘fatigue’ does nothing to help stigma – in the UK.

I started suffering from regular faints 3 or 4 times a week and the doctor ran a lot of tests to check it wasn’t my heart or head or anything. He also checked for Addison’s disease. My ECG showed that my heart rate was slightly irregular but apparently that’s fairly common. Anyway, I began to get really fatigued, weakened and suffering from a lot of joint pain and in January I was “diagnosed” with M. The doctor has seemingly given up and used that diagnosis as a last solution. He’s not bothered by the fainting but considering it has now increased to an average of twice a day I’m a little concerned despite the fact that all tests have come back clear.

I’ve noticed that it worsens when I’m more fatigued, for example my worst day was 12 times but I was extremely tired and had about 3 hours sleep that night. When I am more rested I find the fainting is less frequent I just wondered if anyone had any suggestions as to what could be the cause?

Why not date someone with ME? We’re tough survivors

Read now The researchers behind the new study note that in CSF, as in hypothyroidism, the thyroid gland fails to release adequate levels of thyroid hormones. However, in this case, no extra TSH is released into the system. To test this hypothesis, the researchers worked with subjects, of whom 98 had been diagnosed with CFS and 99 had no outstanding health condition.

One of my imperfections is a condition I have suffered from for half my life – myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) or chronic fatigue syndrome. I was severely ill for most of my teens, wheelchair.

The batterer is controlling; he insists on having the last word in arguments and decision-making, he may control how the family’s money is spent, and he may make rules for the victim about their movements and personal contacts, such as forbidding them to use the telephone or to see certain friends. He is manipulative; he misleads people inside and outside of the family about his abusiveness, he twists arguments around to make other people feel at fault, and he turns into a sweet, sensitive person for extended periods of time when he feels that it is in his best interest to do so.

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About Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS)

It has been said that when a woman is raped, her power is taken away. Not only is this notion erroneous, but it is what keeps many woman silent. The immense power within a woman cannot be destroyed. It can be hidden under scars that feel like they will last a lifetime.

Chronic fatigue occurs when both the mind and the body are drained of all energy by constant rushing and over-scheduling. The long excessive hours of work heighten stress levels, compounded by.

An in-depth report on the causes, diagnosis, and treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome. The causes of CFS are unknown. Symptoms Symptoms of CFS can come and go in cycles. People may feel better for a while, and then have a relapse. The main symptoms of CFS are: Severe fatigue that has lasted at least 6 months Worsening of symptoms after physical or mental activity or stress postexertional malaise Unrefreshing sleep People with CFS may also experience many other symptoms, including problems with thinking and memory, worsening of symptoms when standing or sitting up, pain, and sensitivities to external stimuli.

Chronic fatigue syndrome/Myalgic encephalomyelitis

Significant lifestyle disturbance eg, marital, familial, vocational Language or cultural barriers History of multiple treatment failures Simple chronic pain Patients with simple chronic pain resulting from a clearly defined condition can initially be managed by one clinician alone. This group of patients has good potential for rapid adjustment and recovery.

Generally, they are able to achieve muscular relaxation, institute time management strategies, and maintain exercise and other daily activities. Compared with patients with complex pain, they are more likely to come from stable marriages and families and to have supportive friends, good interpersonal skills, and a good work record. During treatment, patients with simple chronic pain are monitored for response to therapy, compliance with treatment, and development of reactive emotional distress and disability.

Owing to all the foregoing factors, any treatment used in chronic pain, such as drug therapies, hypnosis, or physical therapy exercises, is likely to work relatively well and quickly in this group.

Theoharides proposes that a mast-cell induced inflammation in the hypothalamus could be causing chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS). The Mast Cell / Hypothalamus Inflammation Connection Several studies suggest that inflammation is present in the brains of people with ME/CFS and/or fibromyalgia and Theoharides thinks he knows how this occurs.

All of these symptoms worsen with the slightest bit of exertion. Diagnosing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome To be diagnosed, you must experience at least 4 of these symptoms for at least six months or longer, and the causes of these symptoms must remain uncertain according to western medicine diagnostics. Women are twice as likely as men to be diagnosed with CFS.

Most patients with CFS are generally between 25 and 45 years old, although there are some cases noted in childhood and in middle age. The cause for this syndrome is unclear according to most Western Medical Practitioners, often citing chronic stress, viruses, allergies, and hormonal imbalances as the cause. How to Treat Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Western approaches use non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for headaches, to diffuse pain and for feverish sensations.

Antihistamines or decongestants are used for allergic rhinitis and sinusitis and Non-sedating antidepressants for mood and sleep disorders. But these are mostly band-aid solutions to temporarily bring relief which definitely has its merits! Instead of diagnosing from the lens of CFS, we look rather at the specific symptoms that the individual is presenting with and customize treatment from there.

Each CFS sufferer will have slight variations on what they are experiencing — some having more heaviness and lethargy whereas other have more inflammation or mood symptoms. When we focus on the symptoms, we are looking for the patterns in the body. When we are able to rebalance and treat from that perspective, symptoms lessen and people feel better.

Chronic fatigue syndrome

I am sitting opposite my partner in the kitchen, and they have not stopped talking for the last 45 minutes. Not even to draw breath. Because somewhere between instantly upgrading your devices and swapping providers to get the best deal for your money, we seem to have lost our capacity to tolerate imperfection anywhere else, even in our relationships.

One of my imperfections is a condition I have suffered from for half my life — myalgic encephalomyelitis ME or chronic fatigue syndrome. I was severely ill for most of my teens, wheelchair-bound and unable to look after myself. But by 30 I had almost completely recovered, I lived alone, forging a successful career in a high-stress environment.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. likes. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Jump to. Sections of this page. living and working in Los Angeles and enjoying a happy and normal social life, dating and day-to-day living. The past five-plus years of illness have taken a toll on every conceivable aspect of my life—and some I never could have imagined.

Bartter syndrome and Gitelman syndrome are hereditary and are usually caused by a recessive gene see Figure: Thus, a person with Bartter syndrome or Gitelman syndrome has usually inherited two recessive genes for the disorder, one from each parent. Because two genes are needed when a recessive gene is involved, there are usually no other immediate family members with the syndrome.

Although both are rare, Gitelman syndrome is more common than Bartter syndrome. In Bartter syndrome and Gitelman syndrome, the kidneys cannot reabsorb salt sodium chloride normally from the kidney tubule. Thus, the kidneys excrete excessive amounts of the electrolytes sodium and chloride in the urine. The loss of sodium and chloride leads to excessive urine production and thus mild dehydration. Mild dehydration causes the body to produce more of the enzyme renin and the hormone aldosterone, which help regulate blood pressure.

The increase in aldosterone increases potassium and acid secretion in the kidneys, leading to low blood potassium hypokalemia and loss of acids in the blood that causes blood pH to be alkaline a disorder called metabolic alkalosis. Although the tubules are affected in both syndromes, the kidneys are otherwise unaffected and filter out waste products normally. Viewing the Urinary Tract The main differences between the two syndromes are The genes that are involved The part of the tubule that is affected The age at which symptoms begin Symptoms Symptoms of Bartter syndrome may appear before birth or during infancy or early childhood.

Having Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / M.E

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